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Solutions & Services for Engineering Innovation

Building upon over 20 years of experience in the field of engineering innovation, DIPOLO is focused on providing engineering solutions and services to overcome the hurdles of design, validation and testing, bringing better products to the market, faster.

Engineering Services

DIPOLO is a partner to rely upon during the most critical phases of product development, able to provide powerful technical solutions, thanks to case-history, grounded experience and field-built know-how.
DIPOLO is trusted partner that supports companies overcome the hurdles of concept design, detailed design, root cause analyses, trouble shooting and validation. Strong partnerships with well-known software and testing houses, have gained DIPOLO priviledged access to the most advanced simulation tools, testing equipement and facilities (wind tunnels included).

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Seeking for expert support for new product design development? DIPOLO develops innovative, simulation-validated eary-design concepts to allow the client to kick-off the design process with a solid basis.


In depth analyses and understanding of component or system behaviour, DIPOLO employs several simulation software to analyze: transient performance of the new design, fluid-dynamic behaviour, structural resistance and fatigue..


Powertrain and engine NVH testing, engine test cells and wind tunnel testing, with data analyses and track-CFD data integration.

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