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Cost Engineering

Dipolo provides comprehensive services to manage product and production related cost containment.
By sharing objectives and targets with the customer, Dipolo provides estimations of all necessary costs (both fixed and variable) and investments for product design and production , and helps the client maintain the target cost-levels.
Count on Dipolo to evaluate, benchmark and suggest effective alternatives in order to reduce the product and production-related costs, improve the value of the products and the efficiency of the production system.

Cost Engineering Services


Manage and integrate investments and costs related to the various stages of product development in the different departments.

Target Feature Setting

  • Early start in terms of timing
  • Comparison with the best compertitors
  • Based on detailed analysis

Sourcing Management

We view sourcing management as a cross-functional activity where Quality, Engineering, Sales Engineering teams evaluate all documents together and identify
the Best Supplier(s)