Simcenter™ Testlab

Combining multi-channel data acquisition, comprehensive integrated testing solutions and data management for test-based engineering.

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Simcenter™ Testlab Desktop

Simcenter™ Testlab Desktop Simcenter™ Testlab Desktop is not just the launch platform of all other Simcenter™ Testlab applications; it is an essential application for everyone in the organization – management, engineers and technicians – who need to access your work, process data and create reports. Distributed test preparation and postprocessing frees up the expansive test cell and shows the process-centric Simcenter™ Testlab approach.

Simcenter™ Testlab Acoustics

Simcenter™ Testlab Acoustics We provide acoustic engineers with a powerful set of highly integrated tools. From the signal conditioning of microphones and interfacing with digital heads to the acquisition of sound power levels, real-time octaves and the latest high-tech tools for sound quality engineering, Simcenter™ Testlab Acoustics software conforms to the latest international standards and engineering practices.

Simcenter™ Testlab Structures

Simcenter™ Testlab Structures Structural testing used to be a long and complex process. No longer. With Simcenter™ Testlab Structures software, technicians can perform large-scale modal surveys inless than a day. Simcenter™ is renowned for its modal testing experience – from impact testing of small structures to campaigns using many shakers and hundreds of measurement channels. Simcenter™ Testlab extends that tradition while Simcenter™ Testlab Polymax provides a state-of-the-art modal parameter estimator and expert-like automatic modal pole selection (AMPS) – a combination that results in fast and user-independent results.

Simcenter™ Testlab Rotating Machinery

Simcenter™ Testlab Rotating Machinery Troubleshooting and product refinement demand a comprehensive array of tools: waterfall mapping to globally characterize the problem; order tracking for an in-depth investigation; time data to experience the sound; a complete set of processing functions, including angle domain processing based on data sampled at fixed angles; specialized modules to help assimilate and visualize the vast amounts of data that are generated. Whether you are measuring with an engine dynamometer (dyno), in a vehicle on the proving ground or in the field near a large turbine, Simcenter™ Testlab is the efficient, costeffective choice.

Simcenter™ Testlab Transfer Path Analysis

Simcenter™ Testlab Transfer Path Analysis Simcenter™ Testlab is packed with enhanced features that promise to help every test department save time and resources. With the broadest portfolio of transfer path analysis solutions on the market, Simcenter™ can help customers tackle issues from every possible angle – from simple systems with a single soft-mounted source to complex structures with multiple and variable mounted sources.

Simcenter™ Testlab Vibration Control

Simcenter™ Testlab Vibration Control Simcenter™ Testlab Vibration Control software is an entry-level vibration control solution with high-end performance. It combines optimal ease-of-use with the performance and reliability of an advanced system. The system offers accurate closed-loop shaker control and maximum built-in safety mechanisms, which minimizes the risks of damaging costly test items. User guidance and secure automation capabilities deliver maximum productivity and enable testing teams to meet critical deadlines.

Simcenter™ Testlab Environmental

Simcenter™ Testlab Environmental Simcenter™ Testlab brings you the most advanced and complete range of environmental testing solutions on the market – a powerful, high-speed multi-channel vibration control system to measure, monitor and control prelaunch vibration tests on multibillion-euro satellites.

Simcenter™ Testlab Durability Acquisition

Simcenter™ Testlab Durability Acquisition Simcenter™ Testlab Durability Acquisition software is an integrated, end-to-end solution for road load data acquisition, designed to make testing more efficient and more convenient. From a single software platform, you have complete control of the full load data acquisition process. With its unique workflow-based interface, Simcenter™ Testlab Durability Acquisition sets new standards for ease-of-use, productivity and data consistency. The software naturally follows the test-campaign process in three basic steps: set up channels; measure and validate; and report and share.




Testlab Desktop


Simcenter™ Testlab Acoustics


Structural dynamic testing

Durability Aquisition

durability testing

Vibration Control

Vibration Control

Transfer Path Analysis

Transfer Path Analysis

Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery

The integrated solution for durability, noise and vibration testing

Simcenter™Testlab is the ideal tool for testing departments that need to be future focused: offering the right balance between ease-of-use and functional flexibility. Using Simcenter™Testlab significantly increases a test facility’s productivity, delivering more reliable results even when the availability of prototypes is dramatically reduced.

Simcenter™ Testlab

Simcenter™Testlab software offers you an integrated, scalable single platform suite for structural dynamics, noise and vibration testing that combines high-speed, multi-channel data acquisition with a full suite of integrated testing, analysis and report generation tools.
Designed to improve testing efficiency and convenience, Simcenter™Testlab sets new standards for ease of-use, productivity and data consistency.

Simcenter™ SCADAS

Simcenter™ SCADAS data acquisition hardware is your key to reliable results and optimal testing productivity. Seamlessly integrated with the Simcenter™Testlab suite, this hardware family provides accelerated measurement setup and correctly formatted results. In short, Simcenter™SCADAS allows you to take your mind off the deadline and focus on the test.

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