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Development & Design Services

CAD CAE - What can we do for you?

Dipolo offers a full range of classic CAD mechanical design supplies. We can realize orders at customer’s site or, according to customer’s requirements and specifications, at our offices.

The variety and complexity of the projects developed over the years and the consolidated experiences in international field, grant us to apply with confidence and awareness the knowledge and methods acquired on materials (plastics, hard and soft metals, sintered, alloys etc.) and production processes (injection, moulding, casting, die casting etc.).

All this allows us to come up with reliability, competence and top quality services even to the most demanding customer.


  • Definition of product structures
  • Concept
  • Configuration
  • Planning
  • Output definition


  • Scanning
  • Output of 3D models


  • Setting and Feasibility studies
  • Lay-out and Positioning studies
  • CAD Solid modelling
  • Verification of functional requirements
  • Drawings and assembly plans
  • Checks - Modifications - Validations - Releases
  • Data management
  • Toolpath plots

3D models

Using a 3D scanner is possible to digitalize points on the surface of an object and convert them into a three-dimensional mathematical model (CAD). The opportunity to make a 1:1 copy of an object can valuably open up to a wide range of applications as for example the possibility of the further development, redesign, assessment, analysis or testing. 

FEM/BEM - Differences & Advantages

Advantages of BEM:
• Open regions are not a problem and at handled automatically
• Ability to calculate fields external to the object we are looking at
• BEM gives extreme accuracy for field solutions
Advantages of FEM:
• Non linear problems can be easily solved
• FEM is easy to extend to transient problems
Advantages of Both, BEM and FEM:
It’s beneficial to verify results by comparing the 2 different methods