Dipolo GmbH soared to new heights at AIRTEC fair


From 25.-27.October 2023 our team embarked on an exhilarating journey, painting the skies with innovation, engagement, and invaluable connections that marked an epic chapter in our ascent.

Visitor Interaction: The atmosphere at our booth was electric, buzzing with enthusiasm! 
 Visitors flocked in, expressing immense interest and showering us with positive feedback. Conversations sparked connections that hold the promise of future collaborations, the start of shared possibilities.

Siemens Partner Ecosystem: We welcomed Aerofem another Siemens partner at our stand. Collaborating with strategic partners extends our reach, capabilities, and resources, fostering an environment where mutual success becomes achievable. These partnerships not only amplify our strengths but also offer diverse perspectives and specialized expertise that collectively enhance innovation and problem-solving.

Expected Outcomes: Our goals took flight and soared higher than imagined! Brand awareness, lead generation, and setting the stage for future business closures were not just met but exceeded!!!

Team Feedback: Our Dream-Team Carmelo Li Veli, Danilo Portelo, Marc Mändl (Siemens), Luciano Pozzo, Michele Iadevaia, Federico Lo Cicero, Lovelyne Voffo had their spirits soaring! They cherished meaningful exchanges and invaluable connections made at the event. Reflecting on the experience, their feedback became the fuel for future success. A larger screen: with our keynote speeches from Federico Lo Cicero (»Fly It Before You Build It: Reaching New Heights in Aircraft Development) and Marc Mändl (Siemens »Driving Innovation in aircraft design by solving noise and vibrations challenges«),  dynamic demos and videos, impactful booth visuals, and the attention-grabbing sound camera and Simcenter Scadas XS were among the stars in our exhibition constellation. with Simulation« SESSION
Federico Lo Cicero said "Everyone played their part excellently. We expanded our network and made our mark!"


The Path Ahead: AIRTEC wasn't just a stop; it's a launchpad for Dipolo GmbH's future endeavors. These connections and experiences will propel/lead us towards new horizons.


Gratitude fills our hearts for the opportunity AIRTEC provided. We eagerly anticipate nurturing these seeds into blossoming partnerships and groundbreaking innovations. 


As we reflect on this exhilarating journey, we would like to thank our two CEOs Marco Brunelli and Carmelo Li Veli, the AIRTEC organizers, our stellar team, and the fantastic visitors who made this experience unforgettable.


Stay tuned as we embark on the next epic chapter of innovation at Dipolo GmbH! 

Your Success, Our Commitment.


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