Discover a state-of-the-art solution for high-speed in-vehicle ADAS sensor data recording in this YouTube Premiere! It includes an in-vehicle high-speed recorder for continuous, genuine and uncompressed recording and storage of radar, lidar and high-resolution cameras sensor data with automotive standard buses and networks.
Vehicle Electrification development and engineering requires a co-dependence approach to its various domains electrical, mechanical, thermal and software/controls. This cross-domain dependence makes the traditional vehicle development processes inefficient.
Simcenter software solution enables the global manufacturer to create high-speed milling machines for the furniture industry. As we prepare to embrace Industry 4.0, move away from mass production and dive deeper into tailor-made solutions for specific applications...
Looking ahead into the 2020s, uncertainty is high on many fronts. Technological change is disrupting businesses and bringing new social, regulatory, and ecological questions to the forefront. Electrification & Autonomous Drive are key challenges for Automotive.
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