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Simcenter Anovis

NVH End-of-line testing

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ystematic improvement of overall product and manufacturing quality

Simcenter Anovis is used in End-of-line testing mainly for combustion engines, transmissions and electric motors

It can be easily integrated into EoL test benches and production lines to automatically identify anomalies of components and assemblies using innovative NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) metrics.

End-of-line testing is a process integrated into the production phase to verify that the entire vehicle or assemblies are functioning as intended. 

Our test system combines all necessary sensors, precise hardware for recording sound and vibration signals, intelligent signal analysis and flexible interfaces to the test bench control software.

This allows precise pass/fail testing and formal proof that the part meets its specifications and the machine operates safely

EoL: When can Anovis be used?

Anovis is perfect for the following tasks:

  • Gear noises of spur gear sets

  • Bearing noises

  • Load change noises

  • Gear noises of bevel gear sets

  • Noise of oil pumps

  • Ghost orders
    (machine orders)

  • Turn angle analysis

  • Gear defects

  • Shifting noises

  • Unbalances

Simcenter Anovis

Simcenter Anovis End-of-line testing solutions perform process-secure, fully automated, and highly reliable fault detection, under volume production conditions using vibration and sound measurements. Assembly errors and component defects, together with distinctive (noise-related) characteristics are detected within seconds during manufacturing.

Rationalization and cost savings are realized thanks to increased automation, early detection of failures, less reworking, and fewer recalls.


What speaks in favor of Anovis?


  • Modular, industry-proven hardware


  • Sophisticated analysis and evaluation methods


  • Systematic improvement of overall product and manufacturing quality


      • Increase in the degree of automation, manual activities and operator errors are reduced


    • Reduction of customer complaints


  • Supports continuous product and process improvement by providing valuable input for the digital twin of product and production

Simcenter Anovis

Simcenter Anovis

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