We present

What is NEW about Testlab NEO?

Testlab NEO Sound Quality

1. new, improved display functions

  • Pivot, preview function

2. NEO


  • Application library
  • external processing methods
  • Automatic validation and editing

3. Audio Replay

  • Makes test data audible

4. Segmentation feature

Splitting / processing

  • of complete runups into segments, storage of individual data

Synchronisierung von Video-Clip(s) und Tonspur(en)

5. Import and interactive synchronization of video clip(s) and audio track(s)


  • of multiple videos incl. incorporation of the audio track

6. Reporting

Multi-page reports

  • via one mouse click


7. Direct access to Simcenter Amesim simulation results

Closes the circle to the simulation

  • and: access is possible without Amesim license!

8. Functional
Mock-Up Units (FMU)

Mock-Up Units (FMU)

Turns simulation into testing

  • through co-simulation e.g. with Simcenter Amesim

direkte Visualisierung von Mode Shapes

9. Insight into engineering


  • direct visualization of mode shapes
  • Fixing a reference curve 
  • coupled processing cursors