Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

What can we do?

Our mission is to help clients find new efficient product designs, or improve existing ones.

or our engineering services we employ advanced simulation to swiftly mock up several product configurations, test multi-attribute performance, structural resistance, vibroacustic performance, and provide timely, reliable results aimed at improving quality and reducing product development costs.

Count on us to ensure viability and desired performance levels of new designs and technologies, early in the development cycle, or find powerful improvement solutions for current designs. 


Define new designs by employing predictive simulation and using 0D/1D simulation tools. Evaluate the technological trade-offs between different design proposals and get accurate data on project performance levels.

Design Simulation

Fine-tune products design using simulations of the dynamic performance in time or frequency domain, using CFD, FEM and BEM analyses, or using multi-objective parametric and topological optimizations

Virtual Validation and Troubleshooting

When a product does not respond properly to certain applications or operating conditions, these can be digitally replicated to perform a root cause analysis using Design of Experiments (DoE) and sensitivity analysis to investigate these technical issues and make alternative suggestions using virtual validated  simulation without compromising its performance