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Simcenter Testlab Neo

The Testlab-Evolution

Simcenter Testlab Neo

imcenter Testlab Neo offers a new, task-oriented user experience and is designed for both the novice and the expert. Testlab Neo extends engineering capabilities with end-to-end durability testing, intuitive sound quality engineering and model-based system testing.

At the same time, many already established processes from the classic Testlab environment were retained or improved. 

Certain new concepts, such as the interactive approach to data visualization that allows you to graphically design your test runs or the integration of a fully customizable and flexible process designer can speed up your daily work and make it even more productive

This is because it supports multidisciplinary analyses and even allows simulation models to be embedded in the test run.


Demo Movie - Instrumentation - Automotive

Instrumentation - Transportation & Heavy equipment

Introduction - Proving Ground Testing

Data measured with the classic Testlab can still be used transparently by Testlab Neo and vice versa. Testlab + Testlab Neo share the same database!

Users of our classic Testlab who wish to switch to Testlab Neo can do so at no additional cost. They can use all functionalities to the full extent and furthermore additionally use the corresponding functionalities in Testlab Neo.

In addition, SCADAS Hardware can also be used for Testlab Neo without loss of functionality.

Testlab Neo NVH

Get the best of 2 platforms:

Testlab + Testlab Neo

Acoustic Testing

With Simcenter Testlab Acoustics we offer a complete, powerful and unique suite of software and hardware solutions for acoustic testing and analysis in specific areas of test-based acoustic engineering. This ranges from simple acoustic analysis in material and component testing, investigation of sound performance and pass-by noise, to sound quality analysis in brand sound engineering.

Signal conditioning of microphones, acquisition of sound performance levels, real-time octaves and the latest high-tech tools for sound quality engineering - these are just some of the services Simcenter Testlab Acoustics has in its portfolio, while covering the latest internationally applicable standards. Interested in more information? Just contact us!

Simcenter™ Testlab Acoustics

Analytics and Collaboration

As the essential and central application platform for all other Simcenter Testlab applications, Simcenter Testlab Desktop is designed to streamline data acquisition, analysis and reporting

The solution helps you interactively visualize, validate and link data from multiple sources to transform test data into clear reports. The platform is extremely powerful, works efficiently and transforms processed data into accurate reports without losing any information. 

Learn more about the wide-ranging functional spectrum of this platform and get to know the different equipment variants we offer in the field of analytics & collaboration. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Analytics and Collaboration

Durability Testing

Simcenter Testlab Durability Acquisition is an integrated end-to-end solution for the acquisition of (road) load data and sets new standards in terms of usability, productivity and data consistency.

From a single software platform, you have complete control over the entire load data acquisition process. The application combines universal, multi-channel data acquisition with a full suite of channel settings, measurement, validation, reporting and data sharing tools.

Together with the seamlessly integratable Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition system hardware, you complete continuous acquisition processes more reliably, in less time and with fewer errors. You want to learn more about this? Contact us!

Durability Testing

Model-based System Testing

verbindet Simulation mit Test

By model-based system testing (MBST), we mean a concept of engineering solutions that optimally balances the combined use of testing and simulation.

An MBST solution - like the one we offer with Testlab Neo - helps test and simulation engineers improve product performance, including vehicle dynamics, acoustics and comfort for their complex mechatronic and intelligent systems. 

The Simcenter Testlab Neo software has an integrated interface to simulation data and models to efficiently support engineers in creating and validating their models. 

You can find out what role the Simcenter Amesim Software Sketch Viewer plays in Testlab Neo in our whitepaper, which you can download here.