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Simcenter Sound Camera

Imaging, localizing and characterizing sound sources -
modular and flexible

Simcenter Sound Camera

he fields of application of the Simcenter Sound Camera are manifold and range from applications in the field to the acoustics laboratory and acoustic quality assurance to industrial use

The Simcenter Sound Camera™ is part of the comprehensive Simcenter product portfolio for sound source localization and can be combined with the Simcenter Testlab software.

With the high-quality, modular and digital microphone array, sound sources of all sound-generating objects can be detected at a glance and precisely localized under various test conditions. Be it on small equipment or huge manufacturing machines, close or far to the sound source

The user-friendly Simcenter Sound Camera Digital Array flexibly adapts to your requirements in any situation

Our Simcenter Sound Camera makes root cause analysis in acoustics fast, flexible and modular

Versatile application - using industry as an example

  • In vehicle development and automotive engineering, the Sound Camera locates sound sources, which are then used for sound analyses such as wind tunnel, pass-by, vehicle interior, etc.
  • In construction and industrial machinery, the Sound Camera helps reduce overall sound levels by pinpointing areas that need optimization.
  • In aerospace, the Sound Camera locates annoying noise in flight, measures external noise on the ground, and contributes to the analysis of cabin noise, etc.
  • For the consumer and household appliance industry, the Sound Camera is an important companion when it comes to sound design NVH or fault diagnosis, e.g. for leakage measurements on motors.

Simcenter Sound Camera

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