Design Services

What can we do?


Quality and reliability are the main values with which we aim to provide a complete range of services to accompany our customers step by step even in every phase of the design.

Computer assistance in the design stages is essential for the development of new products.

Thanks to the variety and complexity of the projects carried out so far and the consolidated experience gained in various fields, we apply the know-how, expertise, and methodologies acquired with confidence, competence, and awareness of materials and in production processes.

With our offer, we are able to satisfy the development of engineering activities by covering the process, from the initial concept to the production start-up according to given requirements and specifications at our facilities or at the customer’s site.

Concept and project setup


n the preliminary stages of the project, we support the customers in defining the objectives.

Before starting the feasibility studies, concept requirements and the necessary data for the set-up of the project are collected and analyzed along with the choice of technologies and materials. The client's standards and specific working methods are also taken into consideration.

A constant exchange of information with the customer is of course the basis for all processes


        Detailed Design


        hen the project begins to take shape, the viable solutions are analyzed from a technical/construction point of view.

        Once the most convenient solution has been identified, detailed 3D modeling is carried out.

        The technical drawings/assemblies and technical documentation are prepared to support the project  by providing the necessary information for prototyping and manufacturing.

        Other design activities such as digital mock-up, packaging analysis, stack-up analysis etc. can be performed to complete the project details.

              Reverse Engineering


              sing a 3D scanner it is possible to digitize points on the surface of an object and convert them into a three-dimensional mathematical model (CAD).

              The opportunity to make a 1:1 copy of an object can valuably open up to a wide range of valuable applications as for example the possibility of the further development, redesign, assessment, analysis or testing.

                    Research and development


                    ndowed with a flexible mindset, our company group is very active in the field of technological innovation and a member of consortia and cooperations that have developed, with own investments, very important and ambitious projects mainly in the sectors of mobile electrification and innovative materials.

                          • Project NEOS - Natante Elettrico Off-Shore
                            (Off-Shore Electric Vessel)

                            It’s a prototype of hybrid boat, equipped with an electric propulsion system consisting of two electric motors powered by high storage capacity batteries, assisted by an internal combustion engine that can act as a range extender.

                          Cost Reduction


                          n order to reduce production costs, component or system redesign can be carried out through: 

                          • intelligent use of materials and technologies;
                          • topological optimization;
                          • optimization of the efficiency of systems and processes;
                          • application of system simulations;