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Simcenter Testlab

The suite for test-based development with an extensive portfolio

Simcenter Soundbrush

imcenter Testlab software combines data acquisition, analysis and modeling in a single software suite.

It is the ideal tool for forward-thinking test departments because it offers the right balance between ease of use and technical flexibility, and closes the loop with simulation.

Our test solutions span multiple engineering disciplines to meet the most demanding acoustic, vibration and durability testing requirements and meet the challenges of modern engineering.

Here we show how our Simcenter Testlab software significantly increases the productivity of a test facility while delivering more reliable results, even when only a few prototypes are available.

Simcenter Testlab

  •   With Simcenter Testlab, test departments can accelerate data collection, turn measurements into insights, and connect to simulation.

  •  Disciplines range from acoustics, rotating machinery, structural dynamics and durability to dynamic environmental testing, transfer path analysis, analytics & collaboration and model-based system testing.

Simcenter Testlab Solutions

Analyses from different physical fields - with Testlab this is possible in maximum combination!

Simcenter Testlab Desktop

Analytics & Collaboration

As the essential and central application platform for all other Simcenter Testlab applications, Simcenter Testlab Desktop is designed to streamline data acquisition, analysis and reporting

The solution helps you interactively visualize, validate and link data from multiple sources to transform test data into clear reports. The platform is extremely powerful, works efficiently and transforms processed data into accurate reports without losing any information. 

Learn more about the wide-ranging functional spectrum of this platform and get to know the different equipment variants we offer in the field of analytics & collaboration. Just contact us!

Simcenter Testlab Desktop

Simcenter Testlab

With Simcenter Testlab Acoustics we offer a complete, powerful and unique suite of software and hardware solutions for acoustic testing and analysis in specific areas of test-based acoustic engineering. This ranges from simple acoustic analysis in material and component testing, investigation of sound performance and pass-by noise, to sound quality analysis in brand sound engineering.

Signal conditioning of microphones, acquisition of sound performance levels, real-time octaves and the latest high-tech tools for sound quality engineering - these are just some of the services Simcenter Testlab Acoustics has in its portfolio, while covering the latest internationally applicable standards. Interested in more information? Then please get in touch with us.

Simcenter Testlab Acoustics

Simcenter Testlab
Vibration Control

Optimal ease of use combined with the performance and reliability of an advanced system - this is how Simcenter Testlab Vibration Control defines itself. 

Accurate shaker control and built-in safety mechanisms ensure that the risk of damaging expensive test specimens is minimal.

Simcenter Testlab Vibration Control's reliable user guidance and secure automation capabilities allow you to achieve maximum productivity and easily meet critical deadlines. 

The Simcenter Testlab Vibration Control software is designed to work with the Simcenter SCADAS hardware. We would like to show you the advantages of this close integration of software and hardware. Just get in touch with us.

Vibration Control

Simcenter Testlab

Modal tests and modal analyses can be performed with Simcenter Testlab Structures within a few hours. Thus, trial-and-error tests and time-consuming setup are a thing of the past.

You can now use your time much more sensibly! For example, by focusing on identifying the root causes of vibration problems and using powerful analysis tools to track down virtually any structural weakness.

With Simcenter Testlab Structures and the Simcenter SCADAS system you maximize your test efficiency when performing impact analyses for small structures, implementing large campaigns with hundreds of measurement channels or validating 3D finite element models with experimental data. 

Simcenter Testlab
Durability Aquisition

Simcenter Testlab Durability Acquisition is an integrated end-to-end solution for the acquisition of (road) load data and sets new standards in terms of usability, productivity and data consistency.

From a single software platform, you have complete control over the entire load data acquisition process. The application combines universal, multi-channel data acquisition with a full suite of channel settings, measurement, validation, reporting and data sharing tools.

Together with the seamlessly integratable Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition system hardware, you complete continuous acquisition processes more reliably, in less time and with fewer errors. You can learn more about this from us.


Simcenter Testlab

Simcenter Testlab Environmental offers you a powerful, fast multi-channel shaker system for dynamic environmental testing and is certified for spacecraft testing

The end-to-end solution excels in qualification and acceptance testing on large and sensitive structures, including spacecraft, satellites and system prototypes. 

It is a very intuitive tool for routine testing of random, surge, sine and combined modes.

In addition to time data replication, multi-axis vibration testing and acoustic field control, Simcenter Testlab Environmental offers a whole range of other functionalities and applications. For more information you are invited to contact us


Simcenter Testlab
Transfer Path Analysis

Simcenter Testlab Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) is a highly efficient solution for identifying noise problems and their causes.

It supports troubleshooting vibroacoustic problems and setting performance targets for each critical component.

Simcenter Testlab Transfer Path Analysis is characterized by user-friendliness and productivity. 

It supports fast and efficient data processing and interpretation of results, which is facilitated by the clear graphical representations

Do you want to learn more about how you can interactively modify and visually evaluate loads and/or transmission paths? We look forward to a message from you!

Simcenter Testlab
Rotating Machinery

Simcenter Testlab Rotating Machinery software supports NVH engineers in vibration analysis in systems such as engines, compressors, electric motors, pumps and shafts. Our multidisciplinary test system saves time, increases data security and optimizes insight into the machines' behavior. As a result, you have a completely reliable test solution at your fingertips when developing quiet, efficient and reliable products

This comprehensive toolset includes waterfall mapping, order tracking, time data acquisition and processing functions for analyzing and visualizing large data sets. Interested in more info? Get in touch with us!

Testlab Rotating Machinery

Simcenter SCADAS

Flexible, powerful and precise - these attributes make Simcenter SCADAS hardware an excellent choice for a wide range of multiphysics measurement applications. 

Each Simcenter SCADAS hardware supports a range of analog and digital transducers and is optimally tuned for acoustic, vibration and durability engineering

It is seamlessly integrated with the Simcenter Testlab solution for accelerated test setup and correctly formatted results. 

The range of Simcenter SCADAS hardware includes handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders and high channel count laboratory data acquisition systems

Explore the complete Simcenter SCADAS portfolio! Just contact us for more info!