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Simcenter SCADAS

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Simcenter SCADAS In-field Rugged Data Acquisition

imcenter SCADAS hardware can be used for all testing requirements and provides test engineers with versatile and scalable high-precision measurement tools to perform productive measurements at all stages of development.

SCADAS includes portable solutions, compact mobile units and autonomous smart recorders as well as high-channel-count laboratory systems

Each SCADAS unit integrates seamlessly with Simcenter Testlab, providing fast test setup and correctly formatted results and analysis.

Simcenter SCADAS

Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition hardware  is your key to reliable results and optimal test productivity. It integrates seamlessly with the Simcenter Testlab solution, providing faster gauge setup and correctly formatted results. With Simcenter SCADAS, the deadline becomes a minor concern.

Simcenter SCADAS In-field Rugged Data Acquisition

The flexibility, performance and precision of the Simcenter SCADAS hardware makes it an excellent data acquisition system for a wide range of multiphysics measurement appli-cations; at any scale, in the lab or in the field and with a PC or by automatic recording

At the same time, Simcenter SCADAS systems can be used to comprehensively handle special tasks in the fields of acoustics, vibration and durability engineering tasks..

Simcenter SCADAS offers you superlative hardware performance! Contact us - we will be happy to introduce you to the SCADAS family in detail!

Simcenter SCADAS offers you the ultimate in hardware performance!

Agfa Graphics, a well-known manufacturer of digital printing systems, was able to accelerate diagnostics
and troubleshooting by using Simcenter Testlab together with Simcenter SCADAS XS.

   As a global company, we were immediately attracted by exceptional mobility and smart functionalities of Simcenter SCADAS, which fit our troubleshooting and vibration control needs.  

Agfa Graphics

The Simcenter SCADAS family

Simcenter Scadas

Simcenter Scadas

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